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Year-in-the-life of football mad boy and his efforts to escape piano practice. Ideal for 7-10 year old readers. Ralph is SPORT mad. His mum is PIANO practice mad. Every day she forces him to PRACTISE! PRACTISE! PRACTISE! ... when he should be outside helping Flickton FC win the league cup. There is on only one thing for it ... Ralph works out a brilliant new EXCUSE for EVERY DAY of the year. He is ready! Prepared to ESCAPE! ... but even Ralph discovers that playing the piano can have it's good side ...

'He just won't practise!!!!'

Can't get your son to do his music practice?

Find out how one sporty boy - despite his best efforts - comes to find that music is not so bad after all!

ESCAPE! A Footballer's Guide to Piano Practice and how to GET OUT OF IT!!!!

AGE : 6 -11


AGE : 6 -11

AGE : Teenage to adult





AGE : Adult

Seaside version of Pride & Prejudice set in Salcombe, Devon.

It is a little known fact that the descendants of the Bennet family, stars of

Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' enjoy their summer holidays in the glorious Devonshire seaside town of Salcombe.

Romance and love blossom amongst the sparkling seas and golden sands in this delightful novelette - the perfect accessory for anyone contemplating a blissful day relaxing on the beach.

Twelve short stories written by a group of friends.


Friends are surprising creatures.

They might seem like normal people going about their day to day lives

... but invite them to write a story ...

On the Edge is a collection of twelve stories written by twelve friends.

Each story is linked to a different calendar month,

each story is linked by the unifying theme - red

Be prepared for ...evil piskies ... a coming of age ...

a cataclysmic catastrophe ... a gentle murder ...

a sorrowful tale ... a personal disaster ... a joyful triumph ...

History, romance, murder, mystery, sci-fi, comedy.

It all lurks in glorious variety between the pages of On the Edge.

Best friends Sophie and Cressida love acting and set up the ... daisy drama club!

Thier first play is full of spirits and ghosts ... but rehearsals fall into chaos when real ghosts spook the cast.

And who has stolen Farm Bagwash's ladder?

And will poor Cressie have to leave the village?

How will the daisy drama club survive?

A funny, delightful adventure.

a real life wolf ...

witches in the hedgerow ...

mystery artists ... a cast rebellion ...

escape from the Battleaxe Barracks ...

the terrifying Miss Gristlegrundelblug ...

Best friends Sophie and Cressida

find putting on a play of the story of

Red Riding Hood

is much more dramatic than they could ever have imagined!







Best friends Sophie and Cressida

are thrilled when the daisy drama club are

invited by the mysterious Captain Turnaround

to perform at the Seaward_on_Sea Festival.

... surprising theatres in peculiar places ...

... the missing secret lighthouse tunnel ...

... camping and razor clam suppers ...

the tour is swimming with fishy twists and turns!

The incredible tale of a small mouse with a BIG idea ... Mouse wants to go to the MOON!

Join brave Mouse on his fantastic adventure - tumbling down rabbit holes, leaping across rushing rivers, sailing on supersize ships, slithering on icebergs and flying on shooting stars!

But will Mouse ever reach the MOON?


The incredible WW1 diary of Bryant Lillywhite

more ...

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